It was a cold October morning, coloured leaves scattered about the old graveyard. In the graveyard, a young adult woman was kneeling in front of a grave marker. The young adult woman had pale skin and was dressed in a white Victorian dress. The woman’s golden hair fell to the small of her back and swayed slightly with every minute movement the woman made. After finishing her business with the grave she was in front of, the woman stood up, her hands dirtied, placed something in her breast pocket and picked up her white lacy parasol, before exiting the graveyard. Outside the graveyard was a bald, middle aged man with dark skin waiting for the woman.

“Bring the car around.” said the woman.

“Of course.” replied the man with a smile on his face.

The man walked away before driving up to the woman in a black limousine two minutes later. The woman got into the very back seat of the limousine before the limousine drove off.


The limousine pulled up to the woman’s home, which was an ancient castle, long since abandoned the woman and her driver had moved in. The woman walked into the castle as the driver parked the car.

The woman walked up to her bedroom, which was on the second of three floors. The woman disrobed and entered the bathroom off her bed room where she bathed. After bathing, the woman clothed herself before going down stairs to have some lunch. After having lunch, the woman spent the rest of the day painting, playing piano and violin, and reading. After eating dinner, the woman returned to her bedroom and walked over to where her clothes from that morning were piled on her floor. She reached into her dress’ breast pocket and pulled out the small bone fragment inside. The woman glanced down at her right wrist, which was adorned with a golden watch. It was ten minutes to midnight.


The woman headed down to the castle’s basement with a lighter, the bone fragment, salt, a knife and a candle in a bag that was white with ornate black patterns on it. After reaching the basement, the woman took the items out of her bag. The woman used the salt to make a circle on the basement floor and placed the bone fragment in the circle’s center. The woman took the knife and cut into her finger, drawing blood. The woman poked the fragment with her fresh cut, getting blood on the piece of bone. The woman placed the candle behind the blood stained fragment and glanced at her watch. It would be midnight in a minute. The woman lit the candle with the lighter and waited for midnight to come.


The woman heard the loud dinging of the grandfather clock upstairs. The dinging was followed by a low moan coming from the circle. The basement was submerged in a subtle red hue which became more and more intense. The bloodied bone piece began to vibrate before odd protrusions started to grow off it. The low moan grew louder and louder as the protrusions grew bigger and bigger and the basement grew redder and redder. The woman just stood before the circle, taking in the scene that was unfolding before her. The bone fragment eventually came to form a human figure that fell to the ground. The figure breathed heavily and attempted to get up but failed to do so, as it’s hands and legs did not end in what one would expect, but ended in bloodied stubs. The woman walked over to the figure and-


“It’s time to go, little lady.” said the driver with a gun pointed at the woman, whom looked down at her wrist watch before remarking “Ah, so it is…”with a sad tinge to her voice. The woman wiped blood off of her mouth before putting her hands on her head, walking out of the castle with the driver behind her, gun still pointed at her.

“So, how was your last meal?” asked the driver, his cheery tone from that morning still present.

“It was wonderful. He tasted even better the second time.” replied the woman.



Stories Of Gulf Town Volume 2: Melancholy Chapter 3: Shadow-Chan Pt.2


Setting: A Summer day in the dogs’ backyard.


Shadow-Chan: (Reading Book) MMMMMMMMMMM…

Kun: (Waking Up) *YAWN* What a good day to be aliv-

Kun: OMFG!!!!!!

Chan: Oh my gawd, S-T-F-U-!

Kun: I’m red! My fur is red!

Chan: What?

Kun: My fur is red! My fur is supposed to be black, why is it red?

Chan: Did you kill someone by accident? Maybe that’s blood?

Kun: I haven’t killed anyone since the incident with our owners and their kid!

Chan: Maybe you need a bath?

Kun: Maybe, but it’s really hard to bathe without our owners…

Chan: I have an idea…

(Shadow-Chan Calls a Spiritual Medium)

Kun: Is this the medium?

Chan: Yes, she is.

Ilya: So you wanted me to revive your owners so that they can give you a bath?

Kun: Yep, that’s what’s going on.

Ilya: Okay, I’ll start the ceremony…

Ilya: Nwod Gnilbmut Semoc Tsuj Ti, Nwod Gnilbmut Semoc Tsuj Ti!

(A Large Pink Figure And A Large Blue Figure Rise Out Of The Ground)

Kun: Strange, I thought there were three of them…

(The Figures Lunge At The Dogs)

Ilya: Uh oh… Ad Noc Ana! Ad Noc Ana!

(The Figures Disappear Into Pink And Blue Smoke Respectively)

Kun: Looks like I’m just doomed to be red forever…

(Spike-Kun Lays In The Shade Of A Tree)

Chan: You’re not red anymore!

Kun: Huh???

Chan: You’re not red anymore, you’re fur’s black and yellow now!

Kun: Oh My God!

(Kun Runs Back Into the Sun)

Kun: Hey! I’m red now.

(Kun Runs Back Into The Shade)

Chan: Now you’re black!

Kun: Maybe, just maybe, It’s because of the sun that I’m red!

Chan: Okay then… the end! I mean THE END!

Scandalous GURLS Chapter 18: Puella Magi Pretty Jorja

Chapter 18: Puella Magi Pretty Jorja

After everyone left the hospital, Dodger decided to take a short cut home through a grimy back alley. “Uhhhhgh…” Dodger turned towards her left, from which she heard the groan. When Dodger looked at where she heard the noise she saw Pretty Jorja in a ripped, torn up version of her normal dress. “Uuuuumm… Jorja, why are you sitting in a dirty alleyway?”asked Dodger. Jorja looked up at Dodger, tears streaming down her eyes, and told Dodger everything: “Well, you see, there’s a new Magical GURL in town…” “I’ve heard.” commented Dodger. “Anyways, she’s actually a witch, and apparently a lot of people in Patio have witch fetishes, and she’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better at magic than me, and she basically stole my job!” sobbed Jorja before adding “And now I’m homeless!!” Dodger stood there and thought to herself how to help Jorja. When Dodger came to her decision, she extended her right arm with an open hand towards the tear soaked Magical GURL. “Come live with me!” offered Dodger. “R-really?” asked Jorja. “Yeah!” affirmed Dodger. Jorja took Dodger’s hand and was helped off the filthy ground of the alley and walked off to the grassy plains of Dodger’s home.

End of Chapter 18

Stories Of Gulf Town Volume 2: Melancholy Chapter 2: Ouija


Hello again, it’s me, Ilya. Tonight, me, my friend Ana, and Ana’s friend TAK are having a séance tonight! I’m so excited. Just in case something goes wrong, I’ll keep my maiden robes somewhere close by.

I’m also nervous about the séance tonight because- what if Makibi comes back, or even worse, the Demon Makibi.

I sit down with Ana and TAK, forming a circle with the Ouija board in the middle of us. We all put our hands on the piece and ask if a spirit is there. Y-E-S, yes.

“What are our names?” I-L-Y-A—A-N-A—T-A-K, Ilya, Ana, TAK. “What grade are we in?” M-I-D-D-L-E—S-C-H-O-O-L—T-H-I-R-D—Y-E-A-R, Middle School Third Year.

“Do you like us?” N-O—N-I-G-E-L. No Nigel.

“Who’s Nigel?” asks Ana.

“*GASP!* You don’t mean… Dylan Dylan Nigel, do you?” exclaimed TAK. “Who’s Dylan Dylan Nigel?” asked Ana. “No one you have to worry about…” answered TAK.


“How did you die?” B-E-H-E-A-D-I-N-G, beheading.

Hmmmmmm? “Why were you beheaded?”M-U-R-D-E-R-E-R, murderer.

“This is boring, let’s spice this up!” exclaimed TAK. “How old will we be when we die?” T-O-N-I-G-H-T, tonight. “Wha-? How… will we d-di-die?”



M-E, me.

I see a figure rise from the board we once had our hands on. It’s not the Demon Makibi, but it most certainly is a demon.

The demon lunges at Ana, Ana dodging the beast and pulling out her gun. Ana then pulls the trigger, repeatedly shooting the horrible creature, but to no effect. I attempt to run into my room, which is at the end of the hallway that I’m at the start of, only for the demon to swipe me sideways into my fridge, knocking me and the fridge over.

I hurry to my feet and try to hurry down the hallway past the demon, slowed down by the limp I had recently developed. The demon swipes at me once more, and I prepared for the strike that would most likely do me in-

I’m knocked backwards, but not by the demon. I look up and see TAK with a strange green glow around her and a sword in her left hand. TAK slashes at the demon, landing a hit on it unlike Ana’s gun. The demon stumbles backwards, clutching where it was slashed before lunging at it’s attacker. The two opponents collide in a spectacular light show that signals that I should run to my room.

After making it to my bedroom, I shut and lock the recently repaired door. I don my robes and arm myself with my staff, both of which I retrieved from under my bed. I unlock and open my door before entering the hallway and readying myself in a battle pose. I look at the scene before me; TAK is still standing, but she’s almost done. The demon is damaged, but it’s still doing better than TAK. One last thing: the hallway is coated in blood. “Ad Noc Ana! Ad Noc Ana!” I chant. The demon disappears into some blue smoke.



After three hours, we’re done cleaning up the hallway, thank goodness my parents are taking their time on their date.